WordPress or Wix. Which is better? And what should you prefer to design your website?
These are the questions that I’ll be addressing here, to help you arrive at a conclusion.

The internet today is exploding with companies that offer website builder platforms.
Don’t believe me? Then before continuing further, take a minute and google the same.

Voila! I hope your trust in me is now restored.

These website builders do not require you to be adept at coding and are known for the effortlessness they proffer.
To help you understand the key differences between WordPress and Wix below is a table that highlights the issues.

  WordPress Wix
PopularityWordPress, launched in 2003, is hands down more popular compared to Wix.Wix, launched in 2006, has a competitive user base but still lags behind.
Ease Of UseWordPress requires you to get a domain name and a hosting service to begin building your website.With Wix you are ready to begin building your website right after you sign in.
ThemesWordPress gives a host of themes to choose from. Some of these can to obtained free of cost whereas, the rest have to be paid for. Wix in addition to the traditional drag and drop web builder feature, gives you the option of Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)*.
Third Party SoftwareWordPress at present provides 54,549 plugins that can be integrated to enhance website functioning.Whereas, Wix currently offers 240+ apps to do the same.
OwnershipWith WordPress you are the sole owner of your website. 
WordPress does not advertise itself on your website and lets you take the centre stage.Wix on the other hand, for its basic plan does not give you the option of using a customized domain name. 
It also advertises on your website unless you choose to upgrade to its premium version.
Freedom To CustomizeIn terms of freedom to customize, WordPress offers a wide array of themes and plug-ins to choose from.Wix due to its limited options does curtail you from customizing your website the way you want.

*ADI is one of a kind Artificial Intelligence solution to website designing. It automates the process of website designing based on the answers you give to the questions posed by the programme.


If I had to choose between the two, then for me WordPress would be the go-to option. Reason being, WordPress offers a far more complete gamut of features to pick from.
However, having said that one must also keep in mind that, what you choose is dependent upon how you to plan to go about designing your website.


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