A real estate company with a very rare online presence wanted us to help them generate leads for their plotted development by the means of real estate digital marketing. After we analysed the marketing difficulties and identified the key selling points, it was time to put our real estate digital marketing plan to action.


We started our real estate digital marketing campaign by designing a landing page for the advertisements. The design and development took two weeks to complete. We used tools like Adobe XD for wireframing, prototyping and design and WordPress as Content management system for development. 

  • We made good use of Google optimize to create custom landing pages for the campaign. This helped us to customize the user experience to suit each type of audience.
  • We designed and built 2 different landing pages with different designs and surveyed the audience response.
  • We finalized the landing page which provided seamless experience for the users.
  • The landing page built to support both computer users as well as mobile users. 
  • The landing page also contained chat and call features for customer inquiry.

With the website up and running, we set up ad campaigns and lead generation campaigns on Google and Facebook and targeted our potential customers.

  • We ran lead gen campaigns in Facebook to generate leads from Dubai, Qatar, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • We created promotional content and posted ads on Facebook which included posters and videos. 
  • We ran Google search ads in Bangalore and Qatar. Search ads targeted the customers who explicitly search online for investing in plots.
  • For NRIs in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Omar, we concentrated on Google display ads where we targeted the people who search for Indian cricket and Indian regional movies online, people who read Indian newspapers online and the NRIs who planned to visit India.

We took the task of devising customized real estate digital marketing strategy to generating online leads for our real estate client in September 2019. We redesigned and rebuilt their website and did an extensive real estate digital marketing campaign to market their property. As a result of our real estate digital marketing strategies, in just 3 months into the project, the website started generating a good number of traffic and the Ad campaigns on Google and Facebook started receiving significant number of clicks. Currently our client is running a successful real estate business receiving 900 leads per month with our successful real estate digital marketing campaign.

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