With the real estate marketing trends changing rapidly in 2020, developers are realizing the importance of digital marketing for real estate business. A Bangalore based real estate company which lacked digital marketing initiatives wanted our help in generating leads for their plotted development through digital channels. We analysed the difficulties our real estate client had in the marketing perspectives and conducted a thorough research to find the key areas that needed improvement. With these obstacles to overcome, we worked together with the client to improve these key areas and to find the key selling points for the real estate digital marketing campaign. 


After obtaining the data from our research, we analyzed it and found the potential selling points. This was pivotal in planning our real estate digital marketing strategy. Our analysis concluded the following results. 

  • Bengaluru international airport is just 15 minutes away from the property.
  • The property had easy connectivity across Bangalore via NH 44- the 6 lane Bellary road connecting Hebbal to Devanahalli.
  • Government proposed the construction of a metro station and 12,000-acre BIAL Investment region in Devanahalli.
  • 1500 billion rupees worth Science park, Aerospace SEZ, IT and biotech park, Integrated textile centre and logistics park were coming in the area.
  • Over 55 multinational IT companies including Infosys, WIPRO, Shell and IFCI were planning to set-up their new office in Devanahalli.
  • This meant 4 million+ job opportunities.
  • The property also had reputed schools, medical institutions and recreational centres at close proximity.

Also, our client had the advantage that,

  • It is a gated community. People were more likely to feel safe and secure in a gated community.
  • They did not charge a premium for the brand like their competitors.
  • And the area where the property is situated saw 13.4% growth annually.

These selling points insisted people on the idea that, investing in this plotted development would have a great ROI owing to the upcoming economic growth due to the potential developments and social establishments in the area.


After obtaining the selling points, we planned to find our target audience to start our real estate digital marketing campaigns. So, on the basis of our communication with the client, we decided to target the people based on the following demographics,

  1. NRIs who are likely to invest in India.
  2. People from Bangalore, who are interested in the property.
  3. People who fall in the age group of 28 – 55.
  4. People whose annual income is more than average annual income.

Based on these data, we planned to device a compelling real estate digital marketing strategy to promote their property.

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