You don’t need an extensive survey to recognize the downturn of the real estate business in 2019. According to the real estate statistics, even the country’s most resilient real estate zone- Bangalore, has seen the real estate market drop by 35% in 2019 when compared to the previous year. Also, being a real estate developer in Bangalore and surviving among the real estate giants like Prestige, Shoba and Brigade is no simple task. As a real estate developer in 2020, to have a business lead and converting the lead to a successful business deal is quite difficult to achieve only with traditional real estate marketing strategies. You also need a strong online presence with dedicated digital marketing strategies for real estate customized to your business needs to stand out from your competitors in this digital era.

This is a real estate digital marketing case study of a Bangalore based real estate company that had a very rare online presence. They came to us with a huge task in hand. They wanted us to generate leads online for their plotted-development in Devanahalli. We took up the challenge in September 2019 to devise a customized real estate digital marketing campaigns to generate leads for them.

The following insight indicates how we made it possible.

For a company that lacked digital marketing initiatives and had a very rare online presence, devising a successful real estate digital marketing campaign needed a thorough and systematic planning. 


Our first step was to analyze the difficulties the developers had in marketing this property. They were, 

  • When compared to apartments, plotted developments did not gain much popularity among the people.
  • The location of the property was very far from the main city.
  • The developers were not popular like other real estate giants.
  • The real estate market in that area was highly competitive.


  • Their online presence was very rare.
  • Their website needed a better UI.
  • They had no social media marketing campaigns.


Our next step was to analyze the marketing perspectives of the property by doing thorough research. This included,

  • Visiting the property.
  • Interacting with the sales team and the company founders to gather valuable insights.
  • Analyzing the yearly statistical data on real estate marketing and plotted developments to gain an edge on the current real estate trends.

Also, we identified the top competitors for our client in the area and we did an extensive competitor analysis. This included,

  • Analyzing their website’s SEO strategies.
  • A Research on their social media integration- gathering insights on how effectively they are using the social media platforms.
  • Analyzing and comparing the competitor marketing strategies.

After performing a detailed analysis and a thorough competitive research, we now had the data to identify the key areas for improvement. We planned to do an extensive real estate digital marketing campaign starting with restructuring these key areas.

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