About us

What makes us different?

  • We believe in keeping creativity at the helm of things at our workplace. Our innovative approach of making no two strategies similar is what makes us unique.
  • Our customer-centric style of designing encourages our clients to share with us their business needs. This helps in creating an experience that is engaging and incorporates the perspective of both the client and the agency to shape the end product.
  • We proudly boast of having a passionate team of young and innovative designers and strategists that give us the vantage to look at things differently. Thus, making our services distinct and spectacular.
About us

Our Team

Alma Mater: IIT Kanpur

Ankur Sharma


Alma Mater: IITK and IIMC

Shekhar Suman


Alma Mater: IIT-BHU & IIMC

Anoop Mohan